What are the symptoms of dengue fever? 

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What are the symptoms of dengue fever? How to treat and prevent dengue fever.

Dengue fever, some people go to the hospital to go to bed for easy treatment. A few days back home But some people can have severe symptoms to the point of going to the ICU, giving blood, giving salt water if the body is so weak that it can’t resist. or enter into a bloodstream infection It may die within a few days as well.

Dengue cause by what?

Dengue fever cause by infection with the dengue virus, a type of virus. There are Aedes mosquitoes that carry the disease, that is, Aedes mosquitoes will bite people who have dengue fever first and then go on to bite people nearby, thereby spreading the infection to others. 

Symptoms of dengue fever can divide into 3 stages:

  • Stage 1: High Fever: The patient will have a sudden high fever and the fever will rise all the time for about 2-7 days, taking antipyretic drugs, the fever will not reduce, face redness, red eyes, muscle aches, headache, thirst, boredom. Food, vomiting, lethargy, some cases may have abdominal pain under the epigastric region or right ribcage or general abdominal pain. and may also have constipation or loose stools Most of the time, there is no nasal congestion. Runny nose or cough a lot, but some people may have a sore throat. Red throat and a slight cough about the 3rd day may have a red rash that does not itch on the limbs and body for 2-3 days. Face, limbs, axillary, in the mouth, and may feel the enlarged liver. Pressing pain can occur. At this stage, if the symptoms are severe, the second stage will appear.
  • Stage 2 : shock and bleeding Symptoms usually occur between the 3rd and 7th day of the disease, which is consider critical. The fever subsides rapidly, but the patient often has severe deterioration and shock occurs, ie restlessness, sweating, cold body, cold hands and feet, and less urination. The pulse is light but fast. Low blood pressure, lethargy. There may also be bleeding under the skin or cyanotic blotches. Nosebleeds, vomiting, and fresh bloody stools or coffee color This phase lasts about 24 – 48 hours. If not treated promptly, it can be life-threatening. But if the patient can get through this critical period, it will enter the third phase.
  • Phase 3 : Recovery phase in cases where the treatment is correct and timely. In mild shock, symptoms will begin to improve. And the symptoms that show that the patient is better are starting to eat, able to sit up and the body will gradually recover to normal condition. This phase may last for 2-3 days, including 7-10 days of uncomplicated dengue fever. 

Dengue fever is life threatening.

Some patients just have a high fever. When the fever is reduce, you can go home. But some patients have severe symptoms. Depending on the infection received and the patient’s own immunity As a result, the severity of dengue fever symptoms in each person is different.

The most dangerous period of dengue fever

During treatment until the fever is reduced within 48 hours. Patients with severe symptoms may develop shock. or blood from the body. The cause of death in this disease is from shock. Severely dehydra body (Even though we don’t see patients with dehydration from the outside.) The water in the blood vessels will flow into the nearby tissues. Drop in blood pressure until the shock follow. But if not showing any symptoms it will be considered safe

Dengue fever How to contact

Dengue fever Often contagious from person to person. The Aedes aegypti is an important carrier (Aedes aegypt) by female mosquitoes to bite and suck the blood of patients with dengue virus. Then the infection will incubate and multiply in Aedes mosquitoes. Causes the virus to remain in the body of the mosquito for the duration of about 1-2 months. Then transmits the infection to the person. Who is bitten. Aedes mosquitoes are mosquitoes that live in the home area. Usually out for a bite during lunch time There is a breeding ground that is still water. That is trapped in various water storage containers such as water jars, flower vases, cup stands, plates, bowls, cans, pots, car tires or pots, etc.

Dengue fever found mostly in the rainy season because in this season the children tend to stay at home more than other seasons In addition, Aedes mosquitoes breed a lot in the rainy season. In big cities like Bangkok, this dengue fever can found all year round.

Characteristics of Aedes mosquitoes

The Aedes mosquito that is the carrier of dengue fever is the female Aedes mosquito. It looks like white and black stripes on the abdomen, body and legs. It is found in houses and gardens. Active during daytime and reproduce by laying eggs in standing water. That have stagnant water such as water jars, flower vases, cupboard legs. old tires and other scrap materials, etc.