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Leverkusen performs on par with Bayern’s record.

Leverkusen defeated Heidenheim 2-1 on Saturday and matched Bayern Munich’s German record of 32 consecutive unbeaten football games in all competitions. Leverkusen Performing as excellent as playing in every competition this season. 32 games in a row, equal to the German record of Bayern Munich. Which

‘Lemina’ raises his brilliant tactics to break

Wolves hero Mario Lemina Praised for his strategy to fight against Tottenham. Hotspurs were close before overtaking and winning 2-1 in injury time. Even though they were leading from the beginning of the game, “Wolves” had many chances to equalize but lacked sharpness until Pablo Sarabia came

Spanish La Liga Summary of important football news

Spanish La Liga Summary of important football news football circles in the day of the big teams in the  English Premier League football battle ,  Spanish La Liga ,  Italian Calcio Serie A ,  French Ligue 1  and  the German Bundesliga. Sevilla president insists Real Madrid have not received an offer for Jassine Bono

Manchester City attack to welcome newcomers

Manchester City attack to welcome newcomers. Summarizing yesterday’s football results with highlights of the match, the Blue Sailboat is still excellent, attacking newcomers Burnley fortably, the new season’s debut game. English Premier League battle  Yesterday night, there was one match, which was the opening game between two

What are the symptoms of dengue fever? 

What are the symptoms of dengue fever? How to treat and prevent dengue fever. Dengue fever, some people go to the hospital to go to bed for easy treatment. A few days back home But some people can have severe symptoms to the point of going to the ICU,