Poch points out that ‘Palmer’ is more like ‘Di Maria’ than Mata.

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Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino says Cole Palmer is more similar to Angel Di Maria than Juan Mata. The 21-year-old is off to a good start with Chelsea

. Playing for Chelsea since moving from Manchester City on the closing day of the transfer window for a fee of 40 million pounds,

he has become a key player for the “Sings”, having already scored 3 goals and another. Four assists in 10 appearances, including a goal in the win over Tottenham Hotspur on Monday night, when asked if Palmer reminded him of Juan Mata

. Or not? The Argentinian coach said, “Juan Mata? No, he’s more like Di Maria! You know, his proportions and his movement.” สมัคร ufabet

In addition to this, Pochettino was also asked if he was surprised that Manchester City chose to release a youngster like Palmer who they had built.

“It’s not fair to say I’m surprised. Because now he’s showing form and when he was with City he didn’t play much. “

We’re two different clubs. have different goals Maybe he fits in with Chelsea. On the other hand, Kovacic went to City and I don’t know what happened. “It’s always difficult to

justify decisions like this. “

Palmer is about to play. Meet Manchester City for the first time when they travel to Stamford Bridge on Sunday.