Sevilla Looking ‘Maresca-Raul’ as new trainer options.

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Enzo Maresca, Jacoba Arrazate and Raul Gonzalez are among the options for Sevilla as they search for a new coach to succeed Enrique Sanchez Flores.

โปรโมชั่น ufabet reported on Tuesday that Sevilla sporting director Victor Orta is eyeing Leicester City manager Enzo Maresca and boss Raul Gonzalez. Real Madrid Castilla are two other options for Sevillano’s next coach this summer. 

Sevilla currently have Enrique Sanchez Flores as their third coach this season after Jose Luis Mendilibar and Diego Alonso. Although the 59-year-old is set to help the famous regional team. Andalusia escaped relegation. But his contract will only be extend if Sevilla finish the season in the top 10, where they are five points behind, ahead of the final seven games.

However, Sevilla do not view Quique Flores as a long-term option for the club. The Sevillano team has been link with Jakoba Arrazate. Who is set to step down as Osasuna’s coach at the end of this season. 

Recently, there are additional reports that Sevilla are interest in both Maresca. Who previously played with Sevillano and is currently working with the Foxes. As well as Raul, the boss of Real Madrid Castilla. Jose Maria del Nico Carrasco, as club president, will make the final decision on who will be the new coach.