Xavi slams the referee for giving a red card.

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Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez is angry at the referee who gave Ronald Araujo a red card in the loss to Paris Saint-Germain. At home until they were eliminated from the European Cup.

Barcelona holds the advantage heading into the second leg of the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals. After winning the first match against Paris Saint-Germain 3-2 and in the second match taking the lead from the beginning of the game from Rafinha. 

But there were only 10 players left in the first half hour after Ronald Araujo was sent off by referee Eastvan Kovacs from Romania after fouling Bradley Bargola. Who were bigger than them, chased them down before scoring 4 goals, winning 4-1 and advancing to the next round.

“The referee was really bad. I told him his performance was a disaster. I don’t like to talk about referees, but it had a clear impact in the season and it has to be said,” Xavi told UFABET. “We are very upset and angry because the red card was the decisive factor in the match.

Xavi said in an upset mood after the game ended. “The red card changed the face of the game. We were doing well when we were playing 11v11 evenly, but then The game has changed.”

“It doesn’t matter how much more we talk about. It’s useless to talk about gameplay. The truth is that the red card ruined the match. I don’t like talking about referees. But we need to speak. We cannot be silent.”

“It is truly shameful. The referee destroyed everything we had built this season. I want to play a fair 11v11.”