How to spot the symptoms between “depression” and “bipolar”

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How to spot the symptoms between “depression” and “bipolar”

Depression is a type of psychiatric disorder. Cause by an abnormality amount of serotonin in the brain is reduce. Causing the patient to have physical, mental and thought symptoms, feeling discouraged, lonely, bored, not enjoying life, insomnia, startled in the middle of the night frequent nightmares even affecting the ability to work decreased. And may fall into a state of self-worth to the point. That he wants to kill himself. But the highlight of depression is that the boredom and sadness are quite obvious at UFABET.

But for bipolar disorder patients with This disorder will have bipolar emotions. namely mania and depression In other words, bipolar is characterized by a range of emotions. Fun, joyful, cheerful, alternating with a depressed mood for another period. That’s why we call bipolar a disease of good and bad. Some people may call it bipolar disorder or bipersonal disorder .

Difference Between Depression and Bipolar Disorder

The hallmark that distinguishes depression and bipolar disorder is that People with depression feel bored and sad most of the time. While people with bipolar disorder may experience depression. interspersed with a cheerful mood than usual. The personality of people with bipolar disorder will switch and look like they are different people. He work diligently and tirelessly. Some people, when talking to them, notice that they talk a lot, talk quickly. But they scattered and disjointed. Change the subject so fast that you can’t keep up. Some people with extremes may have the delusional idea that they are magicians. Has supernatural powers or have a very irritable mood impulsive low endurance May even rampage and hurt people or things.

How to spot symptoms between depression and bipolar disorder

Symptoms of depression patients:  feeling down Depressed every day and most of the day I feel bored with everything around me on a regular basis. Not wanting to socialize or socialize, anorexia, insomnia, restlessness or feeling lethargic, lack of energy, feeling tired, easily tired, feeling worthless, crying easily for no reason, being distracted, having trouble concentrating, preoccupying the same things, being bored of life, there are moments when feel like dying, etc.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder:  Depressive symptoms usually first appear during adolescence or school age. There are also intermittent symptoms. Once sad, then normal, going back and forth many times, thoughts slow down, behaviors also slow down I feel lonely, lacking encouragement, like I have become worthless. look at the world in a pessimistic way feel that the world is not bright nothing fun, not cheerful, severely anxious in a delusional state Unusual temper to the point of being unable to control one’s own behavior, etc.

Treatment of depression and bipolar disorder

You should see a psychiatrist for proper diagnosis and treatment. In some cases, it is also necessary to administer a mood stabilizing drug as well. However, people with bipolar disorder Mostly when taking the drug Symptoms will improve until normal. and can work able to live a normal life as if he had never been sick before

The key is to watch out for relapse. because bipolar patients During Mania, I don’t think I’m sick. If the symptoms improve, the drug is often discontinued. Which the disease can relapse if taking the drug irregularly Including rest is not time. alcohol use and stress

Therefore, people with this disease should not work at rest, such as work that requires shift work. And should avoid work that creates too much stress or pressure, however, the symptoms mentioned above. Sometimes it can cause by other diseases. That is not bipolar disorder Therefore, visiting a psychiatrist is the utmost necessity.