How to observe what level of “stress” we are at risk of “depression” yet?

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How to observe what level of “stress” we are at risk of “depression” yet?

In a society full of conflicts Life problems. That we have to face. Including work, family, finances, love, etc., make us stress easily. And tends to occur at younger and younger ages not just adults or working age anymore

psychiatric specialist Dr. Noon – Doctor Dujruedee Apiwong talks about the current situation. Along with recommending tips for managing in the right way as follows

“Stress is an emotional state in which people are exposed to various problems. or changes that result in feelings of pressure, anxiety, and even a negative state of mind When the brain perceives that there is a condition that affects the mind, it immediately negatively affects the functioning of hormones.”

noticeable symptoms when we are anxious, pressured or stressed

  • heart pounding 
  • sweating 
  • cold hands and feet 
  • stomach ache 
  • Restlessness or poor concentration 

These symptoms will occur immediately. When people are stressed. And if anyone has to face for a long time without knowing how to relax. It may affect the following health problems such as at UFABET

  • cannot sleep 
  • headache
  • heart palpitations 
  • Pain in different parts of the body 
  • Easily irritable, mood swings
  • It can be the beginning of depression. 

level of stress

Stress can be divided into four levels:

  1. Low levels (Mild) can occur in everyday life. Does not have a serious effect on life just feel bored lack of motivation Including affecting behavior, slowing down
  2. Moderate is caused by abnormal events from daily life. harmless and does not show a clear expression Most will be able to adjust back to normal. You can relieve by doing your favorite activities.
  3. High level (High Stress) caused by a violent event. If unable to adjust Will cause physical changes, emotions, thoughts. Including behavior such as headaches, stomach pains, mood swings, easily irritated, sleep and eating. Behaviors change until it affects the way of life.
  4. The level of severe and chronic (Severe) causes failure to adapt. causing severe disorders and diseases, including mental symptoms affecting daily life Therefore, you should consult with a psychiatrist. 

essential oil Can help relieve

aroma therapy (Aromatherapy) to help create a relaxing atmosphere in the house is another method that can relieve stress as quickly as possible. The aroma from natural essential oils will one of the helpers that make us feel relaxed obviously. When the nose smells for only a few seconds Scent is transmitted through the olfactory nerves (Olfactory Nerves) located above the nasal cavity to the Olfactory Bulbs and to the Limbic System. Follow the olfactory nerve to the part of the brain that controls emotions. And feelings (Emotion Center or Limbic System) by stimulating the brain to command the endocrine system. to secrete useful substances And influences emotions and feelings, including Endorphin, a substance that reduces pain. relieve stress and anxiety,