Pep reveals ‘Palmer’ asked to transfer to the Singha himself

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Pep Guardiola has revealed that he told Cole Palmer he would be given the opportunity to play at Manchester City, but it was the player himself who wanted to join Chelsea last summer

. The 21-year-old will meet his old club again in the Premier League. Where both teams are scheduled to duel at Stamford Bridge this Sunday. Palmer started as a starter in only 3 games in the Premier

. League for Manchester City, but he has been a starter in the last 5 matches for Chelsea and has scored another 3 goals.

Guardiola is usually straightforward and does not stand in the way of players retiring. Quest to transfer teams It was the same case with Palmer. ufabet

“I said to him ‘Riyad Mahrez is going to move, so you’ll get a chance’ but he said ‘No, I’m not going to play here, I want to move’. So I said, ‘OK, then go ahead!'” Guardiola said: “

Some clubs don’t want to see players move to rival clubs, but Manchester City aren’t like that and they got £42.5 million from that. Selling Palmer to Chelsea

: “We won’t block the transfer because of that. Why? If the transfer is okay for both the club and the player? That means you are a small club,” added the Spaniard.

“The big club made the decision in the interests of all three parties. If a player wants to go to Chelsea or [Manchester] United or Liverpool, if they’re happy to be there and we’re happy with the transfer, what’s the problem? There will be other players coming and we will move on with good spirits.”